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The Hispanic Business Association was founded in 2011 by Sue Hubbard to assist Spanish-speaking clients in finding businesses that understand their culture. It began with five businesses and grew through networking events and community involvement. Today, it holds monthly meetings addressing Hispanic community issues on the Central Coast.

Our Mission

The mission of the Hispanic Business Association (HBA) is to foster the economic vitality and prosperity of the Hispanic business community in the North County. To provide an organizational platform for the exchange of ideas, information, technical assistance, resources, and any other form of business opportunities that enhances the Hispanic business community.


To better serve the Hispanic community in the North SLO County with a coordinated network of providers of goods and services.

To enhance the quality of life for the Hispanic community and the Hispanic workers in north San Luis Obispo County.

To provide Hispanic workers and members of our community a high quality of goods and services appropriate to their cultural background and society.

To sponsor social events that highlight and showcase the businesses that focus on and acknowledge the business of the Hispanic community.

To create a network of referrals that will better serve its member businesses on a continuous basis.

To provide a cost-effective means of maintaining a meaningful and useful business network.

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